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Safari Chronicles

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Through Other Eyes: When a Leopardess and a Domestic Cat Share the SPOTlight!

A female leopard sitting in a tree in the wild.

Having spent most of my adult life – and a good portion of my childhood – in and around nature, it has always been deeply interesting for me to hear and observe what other people’s perceptions and interpretations are of encounters with the wonderful creatures we are lucky enough to see on safari. Often the emotions felt by 3 or 4 people witnessing the same event, or how they see it, are entirely different.

While teaching our boy Rhys about the bush and watching his passion for nature and wildlife grow, I have often found myself the student in some of his interpretations of sightings.

Recently on safari at Dulini Game Reserve in the greater Kruger, we were lucky enough to find a magnificent leopardess resting in a tree (spotted by Brandy, I must point out.. so it was a family affair). We drove into the bush and, after some manoeuvring, were in the perfect position for me to go to work with my camera.

At this point of the story, I must point out that Rhys has a passion for cats and has a very close relationship with the cat that rules our house, who, goes by the name of Coco. How does this relate to the story?.... As I snap pictures and the elegant model displays her beauty, draped on a branch, Rhys quietly says, “She reminds me so much of Coco… she even has her name written on her.”

Brandy and I look at each other quizzically.. as we so often do with this child.. and he points and says, “Look there, on her side, in front of her back leg”. We pick up the binoculars and look.. and there, quite clearly – is the name COCO spelt out in the rosettes.

A leopard spots spelling COCO

Let's hope this leopard never changes her spots! Keep following our safari chronicles.

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Will Taylor, founder of Khashana Travel, is an award-winning documentarian, filmmaker, game-ranger, best-selling author, conservationist, and traveller. He enjoys sharing his love and knowledge of the bush on safari with friends and clients.

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3 commentaires

Membre inconnu
13 sept. 2023

OMGoodness!! Rhys, you're a keen spot-spotter!


Membre inconnu
13 sept. 2023

Incredible- he is a a genius


Membre inconnu
13 sept. 2023

Kids are brilliant. Parents have such a privilege to pass on their knowledge.

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