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Unveiling the Secrets of Natures Calendar

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

The Best Time for Wildlife Sightings

Africa offers a diverse array of landscapes and a year-round symphony of wildlife activity.

Each environment on this vast continent has distinct times, seasons, and events that dictate optimal visitation, ensuring there is always something remarkable and exciting happening somewhere. Our speciality is knowing where is best when!

Migrating Southern Right Whales Along the Southern Coast of South Africa (July-September):

From July to September, Southern Right Whales arrive in the waters off the southern coast of South Africa from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic. The females spend time in the sheltered bays of the Western Cape where they give birth, and males arrive later in the season. These majestic creatures can be seen breaching and playing in the turquoise waters, making for a spectacular sight. We will guide you to the best locations along the southern coast, from Hermanus to Plettenberg Bay, where sightings are most likely.

The Dry Season in the Interior of Southern Africa (July-September):

During the dry season, the arid interior of southern Africa is at its best for spectacular game viewing. The grasslands turn golden, and the water sources dwindle, making this the ideal time for wildlife enthusiasts to venture into national parks and game reserves. Encounters with the famed Big Five – lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and buffaloes become easier. From Kruger National Park in South Africa, to Hwange Game Reserve in Zimbabwe and the Okavango Delta in Botswana, we know where the best stuff is happening at any given time!

The Great Migration:

The Great Migration in East Africa is a year-round spectacle that offers a different chapter each month. From the thundering river crossings in July to the tender moments of calving season in February, we will guide you through the annual movement of the mega herd – over two million wildebeest and zebra. You can explore the predator-prey dynamics and other mesmerizing events that captivate safari-goers year-round. Whether in Kenya's Maasai Mara or Tanzania's Serengeti, the Great Migration promises a timeless and ever-evolving experience.

Exploring the Year-Round Wildlife Viewing Opportunities:

While certain times of the year may provide more concentrated wildlife sightings, Africa's diverse landscapes offer year-round opportunities for engaging with nature. You can marvel at the unique flora and fauna that thrive through the changing seasons or encounter rare species, like the elusive aardvark. Birdwatching enthusiasts will revel in the countless species that call the continent home. You can experience the thrill of predator sightings at any time, whether it's a cheetah sprinting across the savanna or a leopard prowling at night. We'll show you how to uncover these hidden treasures, ensuring your wildlife adventure is a continuous journey of discovery.

Because we understand the migratory patterns, behaviors, and seasonal changes, we can better plan your trips to witness remarkable wildlife sightings up close. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast or just looking for a unique adventure, Africa's wild expanses offer something for everyone throughout the year. With each season comes a new revelation in the breathtaking theater of nature, so pack your binoculars and explore the marvels of the wild.

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