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Keeping it wild and Epic - Useful info to make your trip a breeze - Southern Africa – if you are traveling to
other countries with us, please ask us for a list for your destination.

Passport and Visa requirements:

- Please ensure your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of travel and has at least 4 blank pages.
- Most African countries have a visa-on-arrival policy, but you will be responsible for acquiring the
necessary visas. Visit our Travel.State.Gov for a list of requirements.

Traveling with Children:

- It is best practice to travel with a copy of your minor child's birth certificate. Please inquire other
needed documents, as the requirements change frequently.

Flight Info:

- To ensure accuracy, flight information must be provided in PDF format from the agent or airline.

Luggage and luggage allowance:
- If your trip involves charters, you will typically be allowed a soft duffel bag weighing 44 pounds or less.
If no charter planes are involved, please follow your airline guidelines.


- Prior to your travel, please consult your doctor.
- Follow preventive measures such as using insect repellent, covering your arms and legs, and using a
mosquito net if available.
- Check if you need to take malaria prevention tablets and ensure you take them correctly and complete
the course.


- It is advisable to consult with your doctor. Legally, nothing is required for South Africa.



- We recommend having adequate medical and travel insurance for your trip.
- Feel free to reach out to us for assistance and advice on insurance coverage.



- Major credit cards are accepted at most destinations.
- Cash can be withdrawn from ATMs or banks, but please remain vigilant during these transactions.
- When paying at a restaurant, write your gratuity before your card is processed, and never let anyone
walk off with your card.
- Value-added Tax (VAT) is charged on most items, but foreign visitors can reclaim the 15% VAT on
purchases over R250.00 when departing the country.

Gratuities & Tipping:

- It is customary to tip between 10% and 20% for meals and services.
- At hotels, tipping is similar to American/European practices.
- We will provide you with a more detailed tipping guide on request.



- English is widely spoken in Africa.



- Cape Town is considered a safe holiday destination, but exercise caution and use reputable tour
companies and transport services.
- Avoid displaying cash and valuables and remain vigilant like you would in any big city.
- Car guards are common in South African cities, and your guide will take care of their payment.


Drinking Water:

- Tap water is generally safe to drink unless advised otherwise at remote lodges.
- Please try to avoid single-use plastic bottled water for environmental reasons.



- Cape Town offers pristine beaches with cold seawater. Most water sports are done in wetsuits, and
activities like surfing, paddle surfing, wave boarding, scuba diving, and fishing can be enjoyed year-


What to Pack?
- Depending on the season, pack light cotton clothes, shorts, a bathing costume, jeans, a warm
jacket/windbreaker, and attire for evening outings.
- Refer to the packing list attached to your itinerary for more detailed information.



- Most safari lodges provide same-day laundry services, usually included in the accommodation.



- Cape Town offers a shopping paradise with well-known brands at excellent prices.
- If you're interested in precious stones or jewels, we can connect you with reputable dealers.
- Arrangements can also be made for purchasing art from local artists or reputable galleries.


Cell Phones:

- Make sure to update your international plan and bring your charger.
- Free Wi-Fi is available in most city areas and hotels, but camps may have limited or no Wi-Fi due to
their remote locations.



- In Southern Africa, driving is on the left side of the road. Let us take care of the driving while you enjoy
the sights and scenery.


Plug Adaptors:

- The voltage in Southern Africa is 220V, so bring a three-point plug adapter.
- If you don't have one, your hotel or camps may provide adapters for borrowing.

-Please don't bring a hair dryer as they won't work here, your hotel or camp will provide. 


- As an environmentally conscious company, we do not provide hard copies of your itinerary.

For any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us:
+1 214 906 - 8474 / +27 71 478 - 8253 

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