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Go Wild. Stay Wild.

Welcome to our epic world, where WILD adventures begin.  

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"Travel is and always should be a very personal experience. We pride ourselves in paying close attention to every detail in the itineraries we design and personalize every luxury adventure experience from the ground up."

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, and spending most of his life traveling this splendid continent as a zoologist, game ranger, photographer, film-maker, author and guest, Will Taylor has experienced hospitality and travel in Africa from every angle. He is intimately familiar with many of Africa's most magnificent wildlife regions, and has deep knowledge of wildlife and habitats across the continent. Khashana Luxury Adventure Safari Travel, was founded when American friends started asking him for advice on itineraries they had already booked. Many had been shoe-horned into trips that were put together by inexperienced agents, who through no fault of their own, recommended cookie-cutter type safaris on well-worn circuits. As southern Africa opened up in the early 1990s, the standards of traveler experiences across the continent became more and more advanced. It is not an exaggeration to say that Africa now offers the world's most sophisticated and intimate travel experience network. All of this in remote, breathtakingly beautiful locations with unparalleled wildlife and nature adventures always at your fingertips.

Will remains passionately involved in many roles in African conservation, and continues exploring and finding those hidden gems with his close-knit family; wife Brandy and son Rhys. With the team of experts that make up the Khashana family tribe, rest assured your time in Africa will be unforgettable.

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William Armstrong Taylor


As our protective leader of the Khashana family, Will is our dominant lion, head of our pack, dedicated to conservation throughout the continent and passionate about ensuring all our clients experience the true wild that he has grown up in.

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Brandy Elizabeth Taylor

Managing Partner

As the backbone and support in our Khashana family, Brandy is our magical leopard, dependable and always guiding in her advice and knowledge. She is our expert at curating our client's epic adventure travel experiences from start to finish, making sure they have life-changing memories.


Ann Lewinsky

Director of Finance and Operations

Ever graceful, yet powerful and loyal, Ann is our Zebra.   Never wavering in her commitment until the task is complete, her excellent communication skills and dedication to providing unsurpassed customer service make Ann an invaluable member of our Khashana family.


Michael Napier

Dallas Representative
"Mr Fix-It"

A creature of great integrity and quiet demeanor, Michael is our very own serene owl, our wise observer of human society. Known as our Dallas based Mr Fix-It, Michael always puts our client's needs before anything and will go above and beyond to ensure excellence in customer service.


Leon Van Wyk

Consultant & Private Guide

Like the mighty elephant, Leon goes about life calm and unhurried. He derives great pleasure from seeing guests unwind and enjoy themselves, and it is always a thrill for him to welcome back guests who have set aside several days to enjoy the magic of Africa with him. Old memories are cherished, and new memories are waiting to be made.


Mark & Shauna Trieb-Consiglieri

Trusted Advisors, Travel Experts and very Dear Friends

Just as the beautiful majestic swan mates for life, Mark & Shauna are part of our lifelong Khashana family. Having spread their wings and tested the boundaries of luxury adventure travel in 85 different countries and experienced incredible adventure along the way, from flying planes to climbing the Japanese Alps, yachting through the Caribbean seas to cycling the French countryside, these intrepid travelers embody the core EPICNESS of Khashana Travel.  

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Coolest Safari Guide-in-Training

Rhys has Africa in his blood. Like the wild eagle whose aerial displays attract a large audience, Rhys is in his element when he is out in nature, connecting with the wild whether he is singing, acting, or telling stories. He is always up for an adventure!

Rhys Taylor


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We are deeply passionate about creating the most meaningful and perfectly curated travel experiences for our clients. We aim to deliver life-changing experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

We believe that travel to Africa and other wild places in the world, serves to create incentive to keep those places wild.

We are committed to highlighting the importance of conserving natural wildlife habitats, and to helping uplift the communities and people whose livelihood depends on the stewardship of their lands and animals. 

The deep connections that our guests develop with the people and animals of Africa, and the experiences they have in her spectacular wild places, allow us to return them home as true ambassadors for conservation and upliftment of this magnificent continent.

The best way to help save the wild places and creatures of Africa is to travel here. It is as simple as that.


Africa runs through our veins. With decades of experience in the adventure travel industry, we understand that the smallest details can make the biggest difference. We aren't your average travel consultant. As your personal travel designers, we take the time to get to know you, your travel preferences, cultural background, and previous travel experiences to curate the perfect itinerary. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and deliver the dream trip you've always wanted. 

Our extensive travels have allowed us to discover unique and luxurious destinations, meet many outstanding people, and create meaningful relationships. We've explored various accommodation options and facilities to ensure that you have the best experience. As conservationists, we focus on providing authentic and wild safari experiences in the most pristine wilderness areas while ensuring your safety. 

We offer certainty to our clients, leaving nothing to chance. As we are not affiliated with any resorts, hotel groups, or service providers, we work directly with the best operators, and our fees are paid by our partners on the ground. Our clients become part of our lifelong relationship, and we've had guests who have done over ten trips with us to destinations worldwide. Loyalty, trust, creativity, happiness, and fun are our core values, and we would love to start planning your trip of a lifetime.We know Africa... it runs through our veins. With decades of experience in the adventure travel industry, we know that details make the difference. 

We are not the average travel consultant. In fact, we are nothing like a travel consultant... We are your personal travel designers. We get to know you, your wishes and wants, your previous travel experiences, your travel preferences and culture. We then curate itineraries and experiences that fit you perfectly. We listen, plan, discuss and then deliver with the aim to exceed every expectation you have of your dream trip.

We have traveled extensively, boarding planes, securing upgrades and finding unique, exciting and luxurious destinations. We have met outstanding people along the way, from managers and concierges to local specialists and guides who have become our much-loved extended family. We check out all the facilities, the dining, the socializing, the spas and the wellness areas to ensure that you only experience the best in terms of your accommodation. We go and experience what works best for families, kids, honeymooners or just eager safari goers. And then of course there is the adventure and the wildlife… the most important element in everything we do. Our ingrained conservation ethos steers us toward truly authentic, wild and meaningful safari experiences in the most productive and pristine wilderness areas - and then find the best way to seamlessly and safely get you from place to place.

We offer certainty for you, our clients. Assurance that you made the right choice. We leave nothing open to chance.

We are not tied into affiliations with any resorts, hotel groups or service providers. We work directly with the best operators, which means you do not pay any fees for our service, as our fees are paid in commissions directly from our partners on the ground. 

Our clients become part of a lifelong relationship. We have guests who have done in excess of 10 trips with us to destinations all over the world. Loyalty and trust are part of our core values along with large doses of creativity, happiness and fun. So let's start planning that EPIC adventure trip of a lifetime now.


Pam and Perry Dillon

“We just returned from an amazing trip to Africa with another couple of friends of ours. We all agreed this vacation was right up there with the best trips we've ever had if not the best. Will and Brandy handled our incessant questions and itinerary changes with skill and grace.”

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There may be no better way to communicate what we love to do than through images and the memories that we make. We hope that through these images, we inspire you to take that trip you've always wanted!

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