My name is Will Taylor, and as an introduction to myself, Khashana and why we really are the best at what we do let me tell you how, with our help, your personal journey to exotic safaris and adventure will go from being a  long held fantasy to a beyond expectations reality…..


I was born and raised in southern Africa and have enjoyed traveling that great continent and the rest of the globe for  much of my life. Growing up in Zimbabwe I was always fascinated  by wildlife and nature. After achieving my dream of becoming a research scientist with a Masters degree in Zoology I moved  on to become the head game ranger at Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa. As my career developed I was fortunate enough to discover new opportunities that led to me  becoming a published photographer and author, award winning natural history film maker, and professional adventurer. During this wonderful time I experienced all facets  of the hospitality industry and adventure side of travel, and I became intimately familiar with many of the world's great wildlife regions.


I started Khashana after many of  my American friends asked me to look over itineraries that had  been prepared for them by well-meaning but inexperienced travel agents who had no real practical knowledge of how Africa works. Many of these were cookie-cutter type safaris where clients were shoe-horned into destinations that were not well-suited to their desires and styles of travel. As southern Africa  opened up after the apartheid era, the superior quality of possible travel experiences across the continent began to grow at a tremendous rate. However, there did not seem to be anyone with the ground level expertise and contacts to create truly memorable journeys for the discerning traveler. I set out to utilize my knowledge of the land and its peoples to show my friends the extraordinary beauty and excitement that is Africa. It is not an exaggeration to say that Africa  now  offers the most sophisticated and intimate adventure travel network on the planet. Much of this experience takes  place in some of the world's most remote and breathtakingly beautiful locations with unparalleled nature and wildlife adventures always at your fingertips. Through my own drive to constantly experience and document more of the natural  wonders available to us, and as a direct result of personal requests from previous clients, we have grown to cover the globe in our field. To our already impressive contacts on the African continent, we have expanded  to add safari bases of operation within India, South America, Australia and New Zealand, all with the same  commitment to personalized, deeply-detailed service and excellence that I expect in my own travels.


I firmly believe that travel is and always should be a very personal experience and you will understand exactly what I mean when we begin to build your dream trip.




Will Taylor

President, Khashana


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